My favorite place to be.

I want to sleep with you. I don't mean have sex. I mean sleep. Under my blankets. In my bed. With the window cracked, so it's chilly and we have to cuddle closer. No talking, just sleepy, blissfully happy, silence.

Miss that feeling

Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.- ha awesome quote :) I totally feel like that

She was quite ready to be fallen in love with.

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I hope you find someone who is brave enough to enter your storm, and respects you enough to love the size of your waves.

I wanted to be this person for him. I thought I was. Now I have to hope this person exists for me. Or that I can be that person for another.

See, we don't ask for too much. Why is it so complicated for them to understand?!

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Most Funny Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Loyalty & Orgasms that's all she wants. And food.don't forget the food.

Top 35 Relationship Quotes #Relationship #Quotes

Top 35 Relationship Quotes

Romantic love quote for her from him. Beautiful & heartfelt: "He broke down her walls without her even noticing. And when he rebuilt the walls he added windows to let the sunshine in.

"I wanted pomegranates— I wanted darkness, I wanted him" -Daniella Michalleni, 'Persephone Speaks'

"I wanted pomegranates— I wanted darkness, I wanted him" -Daniella Michalleni, 'Persephone Speaks'>> oc : persephone