Elisabeth Wheatley: Something for the next book in the series. (Ironically, Carl von Clausewitz advised against surrounding enemy forces for this very reason. :P)

"Sir, we're surrounded" Excellent, we can attack in any direction!<<< I'm confident that Drax the homicidal potato in Doctor Who said this but I'm saving it to Writing Ideas anyway

"I would expect you to! Make yourself useful for a change."

Damon looked at Amira longingly. Damon loathed the damn curse, for he knew that one day, Amira would grow old and die and he would have to live an eternity without her.

Who am i? Who are you?

I am chosen one, mischievous fae folk, a forbidden lover, a taking animal and pirate

Writing Prompt

Just because I am a demon and my eyes are red does not mean you have to compliment me every single time I kill." "Madelyn, you're my girlfriend." "Why the hell did I think dating a mortal would go well.