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(written on Sept 11, 2019) (re-written on Dec 26, 2019) Originally I wrote: I have 30 days to fill in 2019. This image popped up on my morning surf. It reminded me of my own thoughts of having a grave marker of my own that looked like an envelope and was stamped *Return to Sender.* But, my family doesn't do graves, we scatter. (More blah-blah-blah has been edited.) More from 9-11-19: Whew. What a year. Maybe 2020 will give us a subliminal message to see things clearly and nudge things in a…

Kristina Werner on Instagram: “This #mailartrainbow envelope came about after seeing a bunch of different things online and being inspired. The leaves and watercoloring…”

3,052 Likes, 92 Comments - Kristina Werner (@starofmay) on Instagram: “This #mailartrainbow envelope came about after seeing a bunch of different things online and being…”

Seriously Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Snail Mail - Maple Post

One very common question I receive is how to decorate envelopes without spending a lot of money or when you are not an incredibly talented artist and I totally understand this dilemma! Penpaling and swaps can add up quickly and with all the incredible work of talented artists on display, it’s easy to feel like […]

pushing the envelopes

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Envelopes are boring, but they don’t have to be! I love decorating envelopes. It’s mediative and you can easily do this while you’re watching something on the television and not necessary for a specific snailmail. I often make a few in advance and just leave the address and sender space empty. Here are a few examples for inspiration. DRAWING This is fun, you don’t have to be an artist and if you like, you can even trace or copy something. My favorite tool to draw with is a pilot fineliner…

Jillian Kaye on Instagram: “Mint, orange, and violet is one powerful combo - who knew! 😍”

506 Likes, 22 Comments - Jillian Kaye (@pbandjillian) on Instagram: “Mint, orange, and violet is one powerful combo - who knew! 😍”

You Have Got to See This

Do yourself a favor, if you like mail art and live in the SF Bay Area...go see this show. Amazing. Delightful. Wonderful. Letters to Myself The Calligraphic First Day Covers of Alan A.Blackman. The show is an the Main Branch of our fabulous SF Public Library until Sunday, October 11. Here is the link to click to check it out. And, just in case you can't get over there, I am going to take you along for a little visit with me. I will mostly leave it to the photos to show you this amazing…

15+ Drawings On Envelopes -

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pushing the envelopes

i like the name Yvonn and started the purple one. not sure if i like it that much. started the other one and like it better. but it will need a lot more work to be finished. neither of these stamps really work. i hope to have time to make something better for yvonn.


Even though I'm always a bit scared to make envelopes to fun , it can be really awesome. Imagine finding these in your mailbox? Find more in...

Alan A. Blackman envelope detail

This style is sometimes called “Old Church Slavonic”.

Alan Blackman Calligraphy

Alan Blackman Calligraphy

Main Library exhibits calligrapher's elegant envelopes to himself

Main Library exhibits calligrapher’s elegant envelopes to himself Mailing a letter or postcard to oneself to collect the canceled stamp and postmark is not that unusual, but no one else has taken it to the extreme of Alan A. Blackman, 1125 Shrader St., San Francisco, CA 94117. Blackman is a professional calligrapher, and once a month for 36 years, his self-addressed envelopes arrived, as elegant as wedding invitations. Which was not perfect enough for Blackman, who started turning his name…