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VALENTINO Lovely Dress Pattern Vogue Couturier Design 2347 Bust 34 Vintage Sewing Pattern FACTORY FOLDED +Label- Authentic vintage sewing patterns: This is a fabulous original dress making pattern, not a copy. Because the patterns are vintage a

Model Lucinda Hollingsworth, February 1956

Model with Great Dane, photo by Karen Radkai, 1956 // this smart suit and PERFECT handbag would be Just Right today.

Lady Edith...Downton Abbey Season 5

We can thank Chanel for this elegant and comfy style that truly freed women to do things like ride bikes and go off what was considered the "beaten path" for a proper lady. Can you imagine Lady Edith riding a bike in an Edwardian tea gown? SUPPLIES 2015初秋新型文芸復古優雅な知性英倫学院風9分袖ワンピース デートワンピース (3) SUPPLIES 2015初秋新型文芸復古優雅な知性英倫学院風9分袖ワンピース デートワンピース (3)

glitzy gal

Amber Anderson was Style Hunter?s next top spot at Rugby Ralph Lauren?s Tweed Run in Londontown. We just adored her cheeky take on a traditionally .

955 seventeen magazine look at those waist sizes

January, 1955 // Seventeen Magazine I wonder if elegance and propriety is on a downfall because we females don't wear dresses?



suspenders, ascot, and a boat hat.....too cute!

— Jazz age festival Governors Island (by kingfal)

That Kind Of Woman — Jazz age festival Governors Island (by kingfal)