One Ok Rock in Abbey Road, London - European Tour 2013 Close enough Hahahaha

One Ok Rock (X The Beatles) in Abbey Road, London - European Tour 2013


One Ok Rock- The origin of the group's name is from the time they would always book the recording studio; the pronunciation of ONE OK ROCK is wanokurokku (ワンオクロック) which sounds like one o'clock.

ONE OK ROCK 「Be the light 」 -English subtitles-

ONE OK ROCK - Be the light [Official Music Video / English subtitles] amazing music video ~

ONE OK ROCK 「The Beginning」 (+playlist) loving this new Jap rock band!

ONE OK ROCK 「The Beginning」 is an amazing song, even if I don't understand Japanese. But the lead vocalist's English sounds decent.

Okay, I know this is actually J-Rock, but it's going up here anyway. Anyway, stumbled across this cool song. ONE OK ROCK 「Clock Strikes」 Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Just sharing some awesome music :)

ONE OK ROCK - Clock Strikes . No wonder there popularity is growing , about time earth!