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Types of Obi knots for a kimono - traditional Japanese clothing. All notes are in Japanese! And i can't read a fuck T_T Traditional Kimono, Traditional Dresses, Ninetales Pokemon, Moda China, Furisode Kimono, Style Japonais, Japanese Outfits, Japanese Clothing, Japanese Yukata

一覧、解説、講座など、ためになる画像をお恵み下さい!!! : 哲学ニュースnwk


fuckyeahshittyhetaliaocs: “ sinousine: “ Japanese kimono by ~marihaya ” More Japanese clothing references, because people still don’t seem to get it right. ” <<Educate yourselves everyone! Even if you're not in the Hetalia fandom! Japanese Words, Japanese Art, Japanese History, Modern History, Japanese Outfits, Japanese Fashion, Asian Fashion, Samurai, Male Kimono

Nipponia nippon

fuckyeahshittyhetaliaocs: “ sinousine: “ Japanese kimono by ~marihaya ” More Japanese clothing references, because people still don’t seem to get it right. ”

Japanese Embroidery Kimono Japanese Fukuro Obi (showing a decorated section) Gold Japanese Textiles, Japanese Patterns, Japanese Fabric, Japanese Design, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Textile Patterns, Textile Design, Textile Art

K-8818.  Japanese Fukuro Obi

Japanese Fukuro Obi 12"x 156" (showing a 12"x 94" decorated section) Gold & silver brocading on silk. Cranes, butterflies, mums, & paulownia leaves. The metallic brocading in this obi is more gold than the photo suggests, w/ more "sparkle." Excellent condition $ 245

The Japanese kimono is one of the world's instantly recognizable traditional garments. The word kimono literally means "clothing", and up until the mid century it was the form of dress worn by everyone in Japan. Japanese Costume, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Kimono Japan, Furisode Kimono, Yukata, Samurai, Japanese History, Turning Japanese

Japanese Culture - Costume - Kimono

An introduction to Kimono, the traditional Japanese dress.

Tutorial:Real or Fake Kimono? Great tips for anyone who wants to go shopping for a kimono. Don't get caught in tourist trap. Costume Tutorial, Cosplay Tutorial, Cosplay Diy, Cosplay Costumes, Yukata, Furisode Kimono, Larp, Japanese Outfits, Japanese Clothing

Tutorial: Real or Fake Kimono? by iheartsendai on DeviantArt

(If you are interested in kimono, geisha, or traditional Japan, please also check out my blog, "The Kimono Lady", where I babble on about those sorts of... Tutorial: Real or Fake Kimono?

 I love kimono! Especially vintage/retro style. I love modern/harajuku style, too, but Taisho roman rules my heart, lol. I'm always looking to make some great kimono loving friends! Kimono Japan, Yukata Kimono, Blue Kimono, Summer Kimono, Kimono Fabric, Kimono Style, Geisha, Traditional Kimono, Traditional Outfits



  Fashion D, Japan Fashion, Kimono Fashion, India Fashion, Yukata Kimono, Kimono Dress, Kimono Style, Geisha, Modern Kimono

ハートに四つ葉のクローバー❤ 可愛い帯締めアレンジの巻 ~着物大好きコミックエッセイスト ほしわにこ連載コラム「オトナの着物生活」 : 着物でお出かけ・着物コーディネート情報をお届け「いち利モールBlog」


Japanese kimono fabric - beautiful to reuse Japanese Textiles, Japanese Patterns, Japanese Fabric, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Fashion, Geisha, Chinese Fabric, Japanese Embroidery, Sashiko Embroidery

【野庵】庵主 毬詠/marie いとをかしな日々