Big paper float for Nebuta Festival in Japan

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Japanese paper lanterns for Nebuta matsuri festival

"Wa No Akari x Hyakudankaidan Exhibition" held at Meguro Gajo-en, Tokyo, theming 'Wa no Akari' (lit. Japanese lights) from some dozen festivals. This one here is one of the festival floats. ☆Meguro Gajo-en is a long established complex facility of wedding hall, hotel & restaurant. ☆☆Hyakudankaidan is the name of their only existing wooden building since it was built in 1935, a tangible cultural property of Japan. ★目黒雅叙園で開催された 「和のあかり× 百段階段 展 」- 日本の祭り、12のあかり…

Gigantic festival float made out of Japanese paper Nebuta Festival Aomori, Japan

【魂昂ぶる】日本人なら巨大フィギュアといえば「ねぶたの山車燈籠」だろが!!! 30選:DDN JAPAN