Avocado hummus taquitos are tortillas with hummus, sliced avocado, and shredded cheese rolled into small tubes; and baked until crunchy.

Avocado Hummus Taquitos

Avocado Hummus Taquitos-Tortillas with hummus, sliced avocado, and shredded cheese rolled into small tubes and baked until crunchy

Cute Little Christmas Snacks...Santa Hat Brownies! http://www.partysuppliesnow.com.au/ I would chose to make this because it's delicious sweets, but healthy with straw berry's. I would make them to bring to my family Christmas party.

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Lemon Curd Mousse - The Kitchen McCabe

Lemon Curd Mousse

Lemon Curd Mousse - It’s light, it’s airy, it’s sweet, it’s tangy. The creamy lemon mousse is made even more delicious by sitting on top of a layer of bright yellow lemon curd.

bear biscuits ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies ♥ — Cookie dough cut with bear cookie cutter; a nut placed in the center before gently wrapping the bear's arms around the nut, then bake. So cute!



Simple and Easy Soufflé Cheese Cake with Everyday Ingredients! "Easy and reasonable to make. It costs around 600 yen to make a whole cheese cake. This time I only spent 250 yen. Recipe by Kantande oishiigasuki"

salted caramel brioche doughnuts | add more butter

Salted Caramel Brioche Doughnuts --- Bite-sized Brioche doughnuts, filled to bursting with salted caramel pastry cream … one is totally not enough ;

ふわふわ~♡幸せのスフレパンケーキ❀ レシピ・作り方 by ひかりママ*|楽天レシピ

ふわふわ♡幸せのスフレパンケーキ❀ レシピ・作り方

8 g Sugar; 2 g Mayonnaise; abt 8 g Milk; 23 g Flour; g Baking Powder; Few drops Vanilla essence; Top w/ cream & honey

Salted Caramel Brioche Doughnuts

Salted Caramel Brioche Doughnuts - Soft pillowy Brioche Doughnuts filled with Salted Caramel Pastry Cream folded with softly whipped Cream.

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