Lámpara vajilla rota

dinnerware explosion lighting amaze - The Art Of Up-Cycling: DIY Chandeliers, Upcycling Ideas To Create Stunning Diy Chandeliers


Love the reclaimed wood! Hand Made Reclaimed Barn Wood and Metal Shelves. by Ticino Design. Would match the barn board book case I have now nicely

Collages by Pablo Thecuadro | http://inagblog.com/2015/12/pablo-thecuadro…

wetheurban: “ Handmade Collages by Pablo ThecuadRo Keeping old school craft alive in the digital era! A closer look at the mind-bending handmade collage artworks of Spanish photographer and artist.

Creating printmaking matrices using common materials (yarn and wood block here) Pattern making

Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try

A simple method for introducing print making to kids and for making DIY modern wall art. > or wrapping paper



Wrap some baker's twine or other string around a wooden block to create a graphic textured stamp. -can also use rubber bands- Stamp on inside of paper bags from grocery store or paper that comes in mailed packages, use as wrapping paper.

Mykita + Damir Doma / Bardfield / forest green

TRENDING: Round John Lennon inspired sunglasses by Mykita + Damir Doma / Bardfield / forest green Zippertravel.

Intentional Distortion - Rachel Baran.

Frequency 68. Hill 60.

出典:http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2144478380873907601 出典www.plansnow.com 工具用ワゴン 何処にでも移動でき便利どこでも作業部屋:Posted by マタンマ

Ted's Woodworking Plans - Teds Wood Working - garage storage cart woodworking plan - LOVE this! More - Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas Inspiration! Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration! Step By Step Woodworking Plans


Neil Barrett fall/winter 2011 ad campaign An advertisement for a clothing company where the models aren’t wearing any clothes.

castle on a cloud

PERFECT FOR A LITTLE GIRL'S ROOM reminds me of the quote about not being afraid to build your dreams (and I'd add castles) in the clouds-----now put foundations under them!

Lego keychain 1

If you love DIY projects and LEGOs then this is the perfect thing for you! Check out this DIY LEGO key hanger by Felix Grauer!

pardalote: “pearl-nautilus: “Glasswing Butterfly ” Okay this is a lovely picture, but it’s not a glasswing butterfly. This is a glasswing butterfly: http://twistedsifter.com/2012/03/15-stunning-photos-of-the-glasswinged-butterfly/ A real glasswing...

the real translucent butterfly is called a Glasswing Butterfly with color only on tips of the wing not bubble translucent wings like this one.check Internet for more info.