Tsurushi-Bina (suspended Hina dolls), made to promote a child’s well-being. Also showing temari (embroidered balls).

Smiling Jizo statue of Enko-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan もっと見る

和菓子 「みかん」。Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) titled "mikan", a tangerine.

Mitarashi Dango, Skewered Japanese Mochi Dumpling covered with Sweet Soy Sauce Glaze. We had Mochi ice cream balls in Maui and they were amazing!

Asian food Japanese wagashi 和菓子 The sote is Japanese but I wanted to save the image as a reference.

Japanese Sweets, 上生菓子 薄暑 じょうなまがし はくしょ|上生菓子|たねやのお菓子 | たねや

御引菓子|慶弔菓子| たねやのお菓子 | たねや wagashi