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Buy Botanic / Multipurpose Creative Portfolio by pagebeat on GraphicRiver. Botanic Is a multipurpose image-based portfolio. It can work perfectly too as a magazine, photo album, brochure or ca.

猫の江戸言葉  Chats coiffés

kittehkats: 江戸っ子猫を描きました。 (The work exhibited was held at the gallery cat cho, Utagawa Kuniyoshi Tribute Exhibition in remembrance of Mr. Kuniyoshi who was a cat lover in Edo of Chakichaki.

Noh Honey│ Information Design 2015│ Major in Digital Media Design │#hicoda │hicoda.hongik.ac.kr

Noh Honey│ Information Design Major in Digital Media Design │ │hicoda. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theux

着 Kitsuke is the art of wearing kimono 着物 ‎(hiragana きもの)

Kitsuke is the art of wearing kimono and kitsuke accessories are all the accessories needed to wear a kimono properly - Kitsuke Accessories by Qiu-Ling on DeviantArt Mehr

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