Like this idea (since I can't afford upper cabinets) but I'd do it with older weathered crates.

Because we will feature so many rotating specials, the idea of a chalkboard wall is appealing. Or at least a partial chalkboard wall. I'm not crazy about the crates, but I do like the idea of floating boxy shelving.

Cute Japanese Chocolates #kawaii! (cute!)

Cute Japanese Chocolates I don't think I'd even eat them, just look at them adoringly.


Well now I need a teddy bear cookie cutter. Incredibly Cute Teddy-Bear Cookie Recipe You Won’t be Able to Resist


old railroad depot country house by Carolina Peuriot Bouché of architecture & interior design studio Prágmata giving the soul of a New York loft & Creole ranch

talkhouse coffee simple glass/acrylic case (and the floating shelves, although i'd prefer stained wood rather than painted)

Totoro Rolls made on Kawaii Treats! Totorollllllsss. DIY pastries!

Totoro Rolls made on Kawaii Treats! DIY pastries inspired by Miyazaiki's film My Neighbor Totoro.

Interior Design Restaurant

Australasia (Manchester, UK) Michelle Derbyshire Shortlisted for Best UK Standalone Restaurant 2012 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

The only thing I regret about Paris was not taking enough pictures. Here's a lovely one of the restaurant HAND (have a nice day) which was located on the same street as our hotel<3 I want to go back =]

Love the idea of having a big chalkboard in the kitchen! Plus I love the hanging lights and dark blue wall.