mango and raspberry

These would be super refreshing on a hot day like today! -- Make-ahead Mango Raspberry Margaritas. An easy and delicious drink to enjoy at summer parties!

Japanese Matcha Latte

Japanese Matcha Latte, the most elegant (and highest anti-oxident) buzz available

Cool icecube idea!

Farewell letter from

GET FANCY WITH ICE CUBES! Add Herbs or Fruit to Your Ice Cubes. I love the iced tea ice cubes! Or the mint sprigs in the ice cubes to flavor your tea. Caramel/hazelnut milk cubes adds a special flare to ur iced coffee!

Signature cocktail winter wedding | photography by ariellephoto

Black + Gold New Year’s Inspiration

Signature cocktail winter wedding - A nice, warm, cider cocktail will ease your guest as they come in from the cold.


桃の節句に女子力アップ! かわいい器でちらし寿司&お吸い物

Amazake is a traditional sweet, low- or non-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice.

Three juice recipes. "The green Monster" "Pink Beauty" & "Snow White" (raw & vegan)

Detoxing juices (all about detoxing, best fruits & veggies to detox and a few detox juices): 1 apple 1 lime or lemon stalks of celery 1 cucumber bunch spinach bunch of parsley Put everything in the juicer and drink when ready!