Cocker Spaniel

A beautiful white Cocker Spaniel.that is the prettiest cocker I have ever seen

Black american cocker spaniel puppies

Oh super black! (I brought my mother home a puppy like this for Christmas when I was in college. She named him Rhett for Rhett Butler. He did have some panache about him lol.

Cocker Spaniels Set Guinness Record for Longest Cuddle

Cocker Spaniels Set Guinness Record for Longest Cuddle Siblings Lilly and Marshall have broken the world record for longest cuddle after holding an embrace for 26 days, 7 hours and 17 minutes.

Parti Color American Cocker Spaniel ... I want one!

Jim Zim's book - Parti Color American Cocker Spaniels I had a cocker named Mitch who was this color


I miss my Cocker Spaniel! Her name was Ladybug and she had cherry eye which were going to have them removed for her, but we lost her before we got the chance! :( but this has been years ago and I was another one bad :)

Cocker Spaniel puppy bums

Cockers--adorable from any angle. (I know from experience it doesn't take long for them to get over that baby gate.