Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter

Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter This is great, I've always wanted to do a picture series of the seasons outside a single window.

八橋蒔絵螺鈿硯箱(やつはしまきえらでんすずりばこ)- Japanese Lacquer decorated with segaiha design. This design first showed during the Heian period. V.

Writing Box with Eight Bridges (lacquered wood) by OGATA Korin, century, National Treasure of Japan. Japanese lacquerware is STUNNINGLY beautiful!

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"A Cloisonné Jarrón Marca de la Hayashi Kodenji Taller, Periodo Meiji (los finales del Siglo 19) Trabajo en Varios espesores de alambre de plata ...

“A Cloisonné Vase Mark of the Hayashi Kodenji Workshop, Meiji Period (late century) Worked in various thicknesses of silver wire and coloured cloisonné enamels on a dark blue ground with a maple.