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Tom being ashamed is so cute!. Chris Hardwick Podcast SDCC2015: http://sendvid.com/50hyw6qr

I may in the minority but I DON'T want to see Tom's full frontal. I don't think he should cheapen himself. He's worked too hard for his career to resort to such tactics. His talent speaks for itself. I think I'd lose respect for him actually.

I absolutely love his delicate “Oooohhh” followed by a cute eye squint when he has to consider a difficult question.

I think he mentioned one time when he was biking and some other biking asshole cut him off, and Tom was like, "Hey, buddy, we can all share the road here" and the dude gave him the finger haha

Thomas William Hiddleston (czyt. Loki Laufeyson) - Urodzony gdzieś na… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

the-haven-of-fiction: “luciawestwick: ““Tom Hiddleston on Guillermo del Toro: “I’ve never been teased by a director so much before in my life” ” let’s just thank Guillermo del Toro for being Guillermo.

aww (gifset) he is the cutest!

The Ultimate Cure For Depression By Tom Hiddleston It's cause he's got that adorable smile of his, damn him for being so cute.