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a large black ball sitting on top of a white stone slab in front of a building
How to Make Concrete Garden Spheres
These geometric, nature-inspired spheres made from hundreds of smooth river stones.
an art installation made out of wire and mesh
Atrapados por las telarañas gigantes de Numen - despiertaYmira
Detalle de instalación en red interactiva de Numen
a large wooden structure sitting on top of a cement ground next to trees and buildings
Pop-up Pavilion by BOWOOSS Research Project
Pop-up Pavilion by BOWOOSS Research Project
a futuristic woman walking down the street with her hands in her pockets
Courir2_bodysuits_wip, TEL YUKA
Courir2_bodysuits_wip, Teruyuki and Yuka on ArtStation at
a close up view of an orange coral's structure, with small holes in the middle
32 Weird & Wonderful Fungi & Mushroom Pictures - The Photo Argus
32 Intriguing Examples of Fungi Photography - The Photo Argus
two pictures of a man working on a piece of art that looks like a tree
"Molten" sculpture (Romain Langlois)
"Molten" sculpture (Romain Langlois) I just enjoy the shapes of the negative and positive space.
two people in a swimming pool, one is reaching up to the water's surface
アーティストLeandro Erlichさんの「Swimming Pool」という作品をご紹介します。この「Swimming Pool」、石川県の金沢21世紀美術館に常設されている現代アートの作品です。 画像を見てもらったらわかる通り、プールの表面だけに水を張ることよって、外から見るとプールの中の人を見ることができます。またプールの中に水はなくただのプールの空間となっています。とても不思議な空間ですね。 金沢21世紀美術館は無料入場できる範囲を広く取っており、多数の作品を無料で鑑賞することができます。 スポンサード リンク 金沢21世紀美術館
four different views of wooden boats in various stages of construction, with the bottom half being cut
The Wave City Coffee Table - Inspired by Inception
The Wave City Coffee Table is an eye-catching piece of furniture inspired by the film Inception‘s bending cityscape. Price and details at
the interior of a modern building with white walls and black ceilinging is lit by lights
A Weekly Dose of Architecture Books
Abstracted spider web like constructions in combination with a creamy flowing indistinct shapeless form. Zaha Hadid Une Architecture at the Institut du Monde Arabe