Snow Train - Japan

The magical Polar Express experience. Have done the Grand Canyon Railway a number of times. Would like to take the kids on some of these others USA.

Ukiyo-e woodblock print of the Naruto Whirlpool of Awa Province, Japan. Circa 1853 by artist Utagawa Hiroshige 歌川広重

maiko's shoes

I will never forget my days as an apprentice geisha. I am glad I don't have to wear these shoes anymore! Okobo, which are the high wooden sandals worn by maiko.

Fukuoka beach. I'll be like a 15 minute walk away from this. EXCITED.

At the Peaceful Ocean Sea and Sky Blue Beach with Peaceful Fantastic Water to Enjoy.

Fascinating Places Never to be Missed - Fields of Tea, China

Japanese Tea Field, with red umbrella. What a great focal point with the Japanese umbrella in the sea of green

Japanese bamboo whisk and scoop for tea ceremony (© all right reserved Donald Kimon Lightner)

Japanese bamboo whisk and scoop, arranged for a hot summer usucha procedure called Arai-jakin.