Complex Vertices by Michael Paul Young

As an Art Director, I am in awe of great photographers. The partnership between us (Art Directors and Photographers) is an amazing, synergistic bond that propels the creative to new heights.

Illustrations from 'Erpétologie Générale, Histoire Naturelle Complète des Reptiles'  by AMC Duméril & G Bibron, 1854

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伊勢丹の2014年クリスマスキャンペーンを企画・デザイン | NEWS | 日本デザインセンター

伊勢丹の2014年クリスマスキャンペーンを企画・デザイン | NEWS | 日本デザインセンター

nick knight . fashion abstraction

photographers using abstraction in fashion: NICK KNIGHT

Here's the page on diatoms: Haeckel's diatoms

Original antique lithograph print - Haeckel 4 - Diatom Algae - edition - folio - Art Forms in Nature (Kunstformen der Natur)

Artist Damien Cuypers at Illustration Division // Loving that whole "room with a view"/look-into-the-scene kind of thing going on — very Disney? Totally should replicate this personally too man.