Cute Rabbit Manjuu [Japanese Dessert] looks like they piped red dots eyes on,white chocolate. Paint brushed the ears with milk chocolate. Do on truffles or cake bites. Could do other animals or patterns.

Japanese sweets -manjyu-

wagashi (Japanese sweets) Chidori-manju: 'Chidori' means a plover, that is the kigo (=season word) for winter in haiku.

rabbit shahped manju. filled with white bean paste and yuzu.

Alex Keating posted Bunny Inspiration, designedtothenines: Make snips for the ears and poke holes for the eyes. This would likely work for a variety of roll or cookie dough recipes! Bun Cookie to his -dessert time!

折形デザイン研究所 | 商品 / 和三盆干菓子 三かく四かく

[ Sankaku Shilaku - Triangle / Square I wagashi by Origata Design Institute ]


Beautiful Japanese rice cakes (wagashi or o-kashi) from the famous Tokyo master baker Toraya.