Pop-up message ribbon made of strips of paper.

DIY Gift wrapping ideas - Create a pop-up message ribbon made of strips of paper. Check out below for instructions.

折り紙でちっさなサンタさん! それをタグに貼って、ツリーにかざったり、 パーティーのゲストの名前を書いたり。

手軽に出来て、楽しいよ☆ クリスマス飾りをLet's DIY.

Idée de petits cadeaux à offrir à des enfants ou amis des enfants pour la St-Valentin :)

Printable Kids Valentine's Candy Huggers. Download Today!

Paper Strip Hearts. Connect them a chain or garland, add string and hang them somewhere, paste one on the front of a homemade Valentine, etc. Looks like a good Valentine Craft

How to Make Paper Strip Hearts

Paper Strip Hearts are super easy and fun to make. Hang them from the ceiling or add to a banner for fun party decor or home decor. I love Paper Crafting!



Where's my creativity?

Today is the last day of the showcases for the SugarPea Designs new release for May, which means they are going to also be released in t.

おとなのずがこうさく | バレンタインの板チョコカード

おとなのずがこうさく | バレンタインの板チョコカード




diy bracelet - shoe lace bracelet - use shoelace from a special race, put on charms to remember distance and special causes!