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Go green in your office w/ indoor plants. This simple work space has an abundance of greenery & the perfect green chair.

僕の書斎スペース、これで十分です。と言うか、この一角、素敵過ぎ。 自宅階段踊り場の仕事場 (by H & A)

This is clearly a closet, but with the cut out in the wall it makes it look like a tiny, but very workable office space.

Via Tuulituulituuli | Black and White | Home Office

Study corner - Minimalistic appearance is achieved with a desk colour matching the wall and bookshelf, the storage containers matching the area space,and a complete lack of clutter. A clear plastic chair would also be handy here.


Personlig mix i ljusa sekelskiftesvåningen


Small spaces, big ideas ,In our space scare urban landscape, smaller houses are more practical. But could live in a 161 square foot house?


Luxury Interior Design and Office Workspace Minimalist Fascinating Computer Desk Ideas For Small Spaces In Closet With Romantic White Color Scheme Modish Closet Office Ideas In Various Designs Office Closet Design Ideas

生産性の高い自宅オフィスを作るためには? #オフィス #自宅 #効率 #インテリア #homify


生産性の高い自宅オフィスを作るためには? #オフィス #自宅 #効率 #インテリア #homify

Hugh Strange Architects: The Strange House - Thisispaper Magazine #plywood

Architect Visit: The Strange House in London

The Strange House is a 75 sqm space for live and work, owned and designed by London-based architectural practice Hugh Strange. The house is structured with