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an odd looking object with a face on it's head and eyes painted brown
Masque Yaka Congo Bois, pigments. Présente... - Lot 1300 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
Masque Yaka Congo - Pierre Bergé & associés - 05/06/2008
a large wooden sculpture sitting on top of a metal stand next to a sky background
(#80) Monumental Songye Kifwebe Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Africa | 'Kifwebe' mask from the Songye people of DR Congo/Angola | Wood and pigment
an old wooden mask is on display in front of a white wall and gray background
Kran mask
an ancient statue is shown in black and white
Bimoba (Moba) shrine female figure,19th-20th century, Togo and Ghana.
an ancient statue with a large hat on it's head and torso, standing in front of a white background
Venus de Valdivia
Venus de Valdivia La antiquísima cerámica de Valdivia se esmeró en levantar vasijas comunes y ceremoniales, que poseen ya excelentes atributos plásticos como ser: diseños formales equilibrados espacialmente y una profusa ornamentación geométrica esgrafiada, bien compuesta y con distintos valores de línea.
an old clay statue with a hat on it's head and arms in the shape of a bear
Woman - Western Iran, 1350-800 B.C. - Ceramic Sculpture http://www.pinterest.com/rico37/art-sculptures-arts-premiers-et-tribaux/
a white sculpture with circles on it's head and arms, in front of a gray background
Terracotta statuette of woman with bird face | Cypriot | Late Cypriot II | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Period: Late Cypriot II Date: ca. 1450–1200 B.C. Culture: Cypriot Medium: Terracotta Dimensions: H. 5 3/16 in. (13.21 cm)
five ancient figurines are standing on sticks in front of a black background,
Покровителя Киева Дева Мария и Гавриил. Почему архангел Михаил?
богиня весны, урожая и любви Лада и богиня Макошь (Мокша, Макоша, Мокошь)
a small ceramic animal sitting on top of a blue surface
(Cucuteni Trypillian Culture) Trypillian Goddess Mother
an old ceramic vase with a bird on it's head and two hands in the shape of a human body
cucuteni trypillian godess Romania Moldova Ukraine oldest civilizations eastern europe
two carved wooden figures are shown in the shape of women's butts and legs
The 'Meaning' of Symbols - Motifs & the Human Nervous System
Figurine féminine, culture Cucuteni, 4050–3900 av. J.-C., Botosani County Museum, Roumanie. Néolithique
an ancient vase with a face and two hands on it's body, in the shape of a human head
LOVE. Terracotta female figure holding infant. Enkomi, Cyprus, 1450BC-1200BC (British Museum)