MyDesy 淘靈感

Designer: Long Gu This series reminds me of simple asian paintings, that I have seen in books and on cards. Very relaxing to look, in my opinion. Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

clever packaging cool package design art

Wine-gifting: This package design is so simple but so eye catching. It's showing off the wine in a way that just putting it in a bag wouldn't be able to do.

Great #wine #packaging #design. Stop Wining by warren willmott, via Behance

Love this wine bottle label design. The slight thumbprint and imagery matches the name great. Designed by Stranger and Stranger.

I don't love the industrial rubber bands here and the super thick cardboard, but the concept is interesting.

Crusoe Treasure Wines

Hidden identity Crusoe Treasure Wines Packaging by Supperstudio. Simple materials such as corrugated board and rubber bands are used to differentiate from other brands.

パッケージデザインvol.20 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザインをご紹介

Love the carry box, mostly because of the rope looping through, looks cool as hell

How to carry all those bottles? Smart, cardboard, foldable wine bottle packaging | Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante #green #recyclable #transport

Packaging Inspiration

Cardboard wine purse packaging / Package design / PD / Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante / cardboard Does this mean we can dump the crazy flocked junk @ upscale markets and arrive w/a crazy "smart" gift?

Fish& Rice Packaging PD

Fish& Rice Packaging could do something like this but make it look like the fish is in pain and so it's advertising a company that does everything sustainably, displaying that their company doesnt allow this sort of thign to happen like the bag is showing