White Lined Dirona Nudibranch - BEAUTIFUL!....我諗起龍珠頭!

Too bad I'm terrified of scuba diving cuz I would love to be floating around with all these beautiful underwater creatures! Nudibranchs - Underwater photography of seahorses, sea dragons, clownfish, coral reefs, fish & invertebrates by David Hall

Casa Batlló/Works of Antoni Gaudí                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る


hongo Mycena Interrupta, commonly known as the Pixie's Parasol ~ By Stephen Axford


what if did mosaic w/all flat stones for cool double pattern - retrat-arte: PIEDRAS PINTADAS


Pretty Jellyfish Art Installation At The National Aquarium, In Baltimore, Maryland. Jelly Swarm Invades Pier Photo by Baking Betty




UNDER THE ,SEA, CREATURE Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. A few jellyfish inhabit freshwater.

Juvenile Oarfish Phylum Chordata Class Osteickthyes....

A young cusk eel (Brotulotaenia sp) collected by Sea McKeon, ID by Benjamin Victor Moorea, French Polynesia

増永元さんの置き物「トンボ玉」の世界には小さな宇宙がつまっている!| iemo[イエモ]

増永元さんの置き物「トンボ玉」の世界には小さな宇宙がつまっている!| iemo[イエモ]

電球を使ったDIYアイデアとして、いくつかの参考になる電球アートを紹介します。 いくつかのサイトでは作り方も載…

電球を使ったDIYアイデアとして、いくつかの参考になる電球アートを紹介します。 いくつかのサイトでは作り方も載…

i ping-pong tree sponge.jpg - 世界仰天生物日記

The aptly named Ping-pong tree sponge (Chondrocladia lampadiglobus) is a carnivorous sponge. Those ping-pong ball looking things are covered in tiny spicules which the sponge uses to catch tiny crustaceans.