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TONS of awesome household tips-You can divide and store ground meat in a zip loc bag. Just break off how much you need and keep the rest in the freezer for later. So much easier than dividing and individually wrapping each pound or half pound

Kaila's Place| 31 household products you will never have to buy again

DIY "febreze" aka fabric refresher You will need: A clean, empty spray bottle cup liquid fabric softener teaspoons baking soda Warm to hot tap water Mix the fabric softener and baking soda. Pour into spray bottle. Add the water and fill to the top.

Kaila's Place| DIY Toilet Fizzies

Refresh your bathroom with these Homemade Toilet Bomb Fizzies 1 cup baking soda cup citric acid teaspoon vinegar 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide 15 to 20 drops essential oil Sheet pan Parchment paper Measuring spoons Spray bottle (optional)

Kaila's Place| 15 Ways to Spruce up a tiny kitchen

Such a handy way to remember conversions and organize all the dry measures! No more rummaging for measuring spoons! Chalkboard paint on inside cabinet door and hooks for hanging measuring spoons and cups.

Kaila's Place| 20 DIY Ideas for an organized car

20 Easy DIY Ideas and Tips for a Perfectly Organized Car - Organizing the car does not have to be difficult or take much time. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a number of DIY tricks that you can use to get your car cleaned up

Kaila's Place| How to clean your slow cooker

clean your slow cooker crockpot - To clean the inside heating element, Spray with Oven Cleaner ( do this outside due to fumes), Let it sit for hrs, then wipe clean!

Kaila's Place|Household hacks for Dryer Sheets

Best uses around the house for dryer sheets. Cleaning tips, cleaning schedule, green cleaning.

Kaila's Place| 10 Painting Tips & Tricks

LiveLoveDIY: 10 Painting Tips & Tricks You Never Knew Spray paint is awesome. Maps on the lamp shade 10 Paint Secrets: the secret to saving .

Kaila's Place| 22 Creative ideas for window seats

Kaila's Place| 22 Creative ideas for window seats

Kaila's Place| 10 Tips for using Baby Powder around the house

10 Tips for Using Baby Powder Around the House - The Creek Line House