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KYOTO raw sideboard /// Colonel creates a sideboard inspired by Japonese tradition. Decoration and contemporary furniture in Paris.

木名瀬佳世建築研究室 の モダンデザインの 書斎 袋井の家 畳の書斎


木名瀬佳世建築研究室 の モダンデザインの 書斎 袋井の家 畳の書斎

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Japanese, floor seat Inspiration for seating in lofted work area in THOW

Brilliant home decor ideas to increase natural light in your house and make the room brighter – big window seat living room design

This built-in wood window seat takes advantage of the light from the tall windows and looks out onto the backyard. There's also hidden storage underneath the upholstered cushion. Designed by Moloney Architects.

【空を見上げて寛ぎたい】大きな天窓付きの開放的な和風ロフトスペース | 住宅デザイン


The tatami room (pictured) has mats from the Futon Company and a “Hinamatsuri” mobile adds a cheery touch. Photo by: Ben Anders

外観: 加藤武志建築設計室が手掛けたtranslation missing:家.eclectic家です。


外観: 加藤武志建築設計室が手掛けたtranslation missing:家.eclectic家です。


An open workshop type interior that has plenty of room for space of large tables and walls to display work, signs and use as an art and craft like studio for school work, teaching, personal hobby or for an actual career.