KHA 関西ヘアドレッシングアワード 2016 ライジングスター部門 受賞作品ギャラリー -ガモウ関西-

KHA 関西ヘアドレッシングアワード 2016 ライジングスター部門 受賞作品ギャラリー -ガモウ関西-

KHA 関西ヘアドレッシングアワード 2015 オフィシャル部門 受賞作品ギャラリー -ガモウ関西-

choppy with long strands

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Alexander Wang Model Katherine Moore Changed Her Hair--And It Changed Her Career

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vmagazine: “model: Yumi Lambert, Marga Esquivel, Chen Xi - photographer: Terry Tsiolis - fashion editor: Karen Langley - hair: Rolando Beauchamp - make-up: Frankie Boyd - Vogue China November 2015 ”

Alexandra Gurvitch, Photo Researcher - “Model Katie Moore’s punk Manic Panic crop is my fall-winter dream cut. So chic and edgy at the same time. If only my hair was a different texture and could take dye . . . oh and guts. Totally need guts.”

What’s the One Haircut You Wish You Could Pull Off? 18 Fantasy Looks to Live For