St.-Tropez, France

-Tropez, France - Saint-Tropez was better at night since the beaches left much to be desired. It is a haven for the disgustingly rich and therefore, it is mostly as a place to see, be seen and paint red.

U.K. Amberley, West Sussex, England

thebookenchantress: Amberley, West Sussex, England ~ a magical little village with the most picturesque cottages in the universe. I know I won’t have time for all these places, but I’ll post them.

castlekeys:Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Liz on top of the world -Pride and Prejudice, 2005 Favorite moment of the movie. Darcy comes walking across the meadow in all of his glory. Another Time,Entertain Me,My favorite Movies,Pride & Pr

Hotel Benesse House Oval | Benesse Art Site Naoshima (Japan)

Chichu Art Museum on Naoshima island, Japan. Designed by Tadao Ando. (Collection includes installation by James Turell.) Stay on site at the Hotel Benesse House

ホテル ベネッセハウス | 直島 | ベネッセアートサイト直島 Hotel Benesse House Museum (Naoshima, Japan)

Benesse Art Site Naoshima - Japan Contemporary art and architecture acquiesce to the sloping Naoshima coast, creating a setting that both soothes and enthrals at Benesse Art Site Naoshima.