Grilled rice ball soup

bear rice ball w/ soup / japanese style ♥ Bento - - this is the most relaxing looking bowl of soup ever.

Totoro bento


Epic little soot sprite onigiri with a little bit of Totoro and Catbus on the side makes for a box full of cuteness!

Rolled Animal Sandwiches English tutorial

Cute Rolled Animal Sandwiches English tutorial Fun food for kids Bento…

kiki kawaii: Bento Love

the time & patience to cut out all these flower petals and leaves! So many tabebuia rosea trees r blooming at the same time in ! Have to make a bento to capture this rare moment. (Bento idea is inspired by artwork of local artist Lee Kow Fong.

zzz bento

Rilakkuma character box lunch (this one is Omurice, contemporary Japanese cuisine consisting of an omelette made with fried rice)

Cute Bento: Animals « Entering my WORLD.

Cute Bento: Animals