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"Collide" by Joey Camacho, a freelance motion and graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Inspiration Image: Hue Collection for 1956 by Tai Ping

Alex Nero photographs paint inside of a water tank to achieve this crazy effect.

// takehiko hoashi

Funny pictures about Colourful smoke. Oh, and cool pics about Colourful smoke. Also, Colourful smoke.

【鳥肌の瞬間】「偶然」とはこんなに美しいものだったのか… 奇跡のかたちに神々を感じる | DDN JAPAN

【鳥肌の瞬間】「偶然」とはこんなに美しいものだったのか… 奇跡のかたちに神々を感じる

Stunning fluid sculptures by Alberto Seveso – high-speed photographs of ink dropping in oil artists, fluid dynamics, photography, art

555 - effektiveblog:Some nice 3D illustration and render work here...

Some nice illustration and render work here from Ben Miners new site Touch Studio.


Alberto Seveso, well, get ready. His latest series of underwater ink photographs is entitled a due Colori and they are simply breathtaking. The images are made by taking high-speed photographs of two colors of ink mixing with water.