Kirkland — Kristopher Leigh, Woorim Choi, Anna Bazarnaya (students)

Student Spotlight: Kirkland Brand

Té de Querer by yy via Behance Let's eat #identity #packaging #branding PD

Té de Querer identity by yy , via Behance This is an awesome brand. Especially love the gold stamp.

Chocolate packaging design /patterns

Chocolats Favoris

pencil packaging.

Pencil Packaging Design

Gris 12 - student package design for a pencil set. Pencils are placed in test tubes and topped with a cork that labels the lead type (H, etc)

Nice portrayal or the inclusion of organic elements within the composition 'Natural origins'

Root Cosmetics

Packaging design

Приват с кроликами

A short extract of products from the Bunnpris private label "Kløver". This is part of a remake and graphic production of the Bunnpris private labels, a total of approximately 450 products