Rainbow rice, a cup and a half of rice, a tablespoon of vinegar, and food coloring. Put in a container and shake. When you have made all the colors you want, place grains of rice on a cookie sheets and bake for 10 mins at 175*

Rainbow Rice Garden for Play: Measure rice cups) and put it in a Ziploc bag with about of food coloring or liquid water colors (works great!) and 3 T of rubbing alcohol. mix the rice in the bags to spread the color.

dinosaur eggs/easter eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs

Funny pictures about Marbled Easter Eggs. Oh, and cool pics about Marbled Easter Eggs. Also, Marbled Easter Eggs photos.

How to make homemade "Silly Putty"

Are you looking for a fun arts and craft idea to do with your kids? You will love this easy recipe on how to make your own homemade silly putty! On the last trip to the grocery store, I stopped by the kids art supply section and stumbled across this p

HOW to make a bunch of easy flower clips!  Don't spend money on these suckers, they are so cheap and easy to MAKE

How to Make Flower Clips

Don& spend money buying a bunch of hair supplies for your little princess when you can EASILY learn how to make flower clips, bows and headbands for cheap!

All the recipes for make your own...Play doh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk,finger paints,colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint and more.

"All the recipes for make your own: Play doh bath paint colored pasta big bubbles sidewalk chalk finger paints colored rice glues spray paints pavement paint & more.

Slime recipe.  A necessary recipe for all moms.  Especially moms of boys. :)

Homemade Slime

just in time for Halloween class party at school. Homemade Slime aka GAK 1 teaspoon borax powder 1 C water, divided 4 oz C) Elmer’s glue, clear or white food coloring

bracelet using a shoestring

diy bracelet - shoe lace bracelet - use shoelace from a special race, put on charms to remember distance and special causes!