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Itinerary for 2 weeks in Morocco

Discover how to spend 2 weeks in #Morocco: a complete itinerary from Marrakech to the Sahara desert, including Fez, Chef Chaouen, and Casablanca.

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Exploring the Bahia Palace & Saadian Tombs of Marrakech - April Everyday

On our final day in Marrakech we set aside some time to explore the Bahia Palace before heading off to the airport that afternoon. My parents visited it a few years ago when they stopped by on a cruise and took a day trip in to Marrakech and recommended it to see. In all honesty, we were a little dissapointed by it, but for only 10dh each (70p) we couldn’t really complain. Apparently the palace has over 150 rooms though only a portion of that is actually open to the public as it’s still used…

The Most Incredible Places to visit in Morocco

Plan the perfect Moorocco itinerary. A guide to the best places to visit in Morocco, transport tips, Morocco packing list, even what to read before you go.

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Marrakech: A Foodie's Guide | The Mediterranean Traveller

Save yourself from mediocre couscous with this guide to finding the best food in Marrakech! Cafes, restaurants, local dishes, markets, food tours, shopping.

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Four Days In Marrakech: Ultimate Marrakech Itinerary | While I'm Young

The ultimate four day itinerary for Marrakech, Morocco. This Marrakech city guide has all the best things to do in Marrakech plus travel tips.

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Highlights Of Marrakech: What To Do In Two Days | Tales From The Lens

Tips and advice for a two day visit to experience the highlights of Marrakech on foot and on a budget. Beautiful palaces, energetic souks and tasty food.

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Morocco Outfit Inspiration • The Blonde Abroad

Local women dress conservatively, but you’ll see a wide range of styles. Here is Morocco outfit inspiration based on my own conservative travel styles!

The First Timer's Guide to Marrakech, Morocco

Travelling to Marrakech for the first time? Check out this first-timer's guide to Marrakech, Morocco. An endless sensory and cultural experience awaits!

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The First-Timers Guide To Marrakech

Thanks to my little side business, I've been lucky enough to get the chance to visit Marrakech more times than I can count. Lol, seriously, though. Like, I've actually lost track of how many times

The Ultimate Marrakech Travel Guide • The Blonde Abroad

This city is home to a thriving medina, amazing shopping, and gorgeous architecture. Here’s the ultimate Marrakech travel guide!

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Marrakech: A Foodie's Guide | The Mediterranean Traveller

Save yourself from mediocre couscous with this guide to finding the best food in Marrakech! Cafes, restaurants, local dishes, markets, food tours, shopping.

What To Wear In Morocco? | The Morocco Packing List For Women

Wondering what to wear in Morocco? I know I did! Here's the perfect Morocco packing list with all the essentials you need to pack as well as tips & tricks!

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What To Wear In Morocco For Female Travellers | Perpetual Journeys

Morocco is a Muslim country & visitors should dress modestly to respect their customs. However, in a hot country, you just want to wear a pair of shorts & a strap top to keep cool. Well, here's a list for women of what to wear in Morocco - it'll help you look stylish while staying conservative.

Moroccan Hammam Guide for First-Timers

Worried about your first visit to a Moroccan hammam? What should you wear? What should you bring? Will you be naked? This guide will get you ready!

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13 Wonderful Things to Do in Marrakech — ALONG DUSTY ROADS

Not everyone will love their time in Marrakech, but nobody will be able to leave without a sensory experience which stays with them for a long, long time. There are our very best things to do in Marrakech.

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The 40 Best Places To Take Pictures In Marrakech - Sidewalker Daily

Discover the 40 best places to take pictures in Marrakech and explore the famous city like a local, one photo-opp at a time. Maps and coordinates included!