Tsumagojuku, Nagano, Japan 妻籠宿 長野

Tsumagojuku, Nagano, Japan 妻籠宿 長野 Running through the town at night, wearing kimono and geta after a little too much sake with Geisha.

Japanese corridor

Hallway with windows, windows with dark panes, large plank wood floor *Idea for entry of future house*

ルーカス・B.B.さん 『築70年の日本家屋で営む、ボーダーレスなライフスタイル』 / INTERVIEWS / LIFECYCLING -IDEE-

ルーカス・B.B.さん 『築70年の日本家屋で営む、ボーダーレスなライフスタイル』 / INTERVIEWS / LIFECYCLING -IDEE-

Setagya, Tokyo, Japan Residents Yukiko Kuroda and her cat Occupation Kintsugi master (a traditional Japanese method of pottery repair) Type of house Single-story wooden building Year built 1946

old cottage and stream by glenclara on Flickr

How beautiful, like a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel. How I would love to live here, hear the brook and walk along it and watch the kingfishers. Whoever you are that compared this to a Thomas Hardy novel, you are my new favorite person.

伊豆高原温泉 全室露天付客室の隠れ宿 花の雲【古民家に泊まろう】心奪われる、究極の「古民家宿」10選【楽天トラベル】


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