Japanese room

I really wish to live in a tatami house or have a tatami room design! I love the kind of traditional Japanese styled houses.

Japanese traditional

Japonism (from the French Japonisme, first used in is the influence of the Japanese art, culture, and aesthetics. The term is used particularly to refer to Japanese influence on European art, especially in impressionism.

A Japanese curtain - Noren by ProjectBashoPhotoTourJapan2008, via Flickr

A Japanese curtain - Noren - The word noren usually refers to split curtains hung in front of a shop. It was once used to keep out the sun and dust but now it has many other uses, such as space dividers or decorations.

Japanese room, Washitsu 和室

Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 Love everything about Japanese architecture, and even have the furniture to complete the look.


Tokonoma 床の間 - a built-in recessed space in a Japanese style reception room


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Traditional Japanese Interior Design | Interior Design, Furniture

A tatami room is a fixture in washitsu, or traditional Japanese interior design. The tatami room, with its simple furnishings and open atmosphere, can bring the Far East into any.


Guesthouse KIOTO is renovated from an traditional Japanese house located near the Golden Pavilion.