Junko Sasaki

Junko Sasaki

Japan / ( ´艸`)
Junko Sasaki
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Totoya Hokkei:  Japanese, 1780–1850, A Mountainous Landscape with a Stream

Totoya Hokkei Japanese, A Mountainous Landscape with a Stream, 1827 Color woodblock print with metallic pigments; surimono chuban x cm Art Institute of Chicago

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Andy Warhol Paintings and art for sale such as Marilyn Monroe, portrait, and Campbell Soup of his pop art; offer bio and reproduction paintings by Andy Warhol.

orange you lucky!: midnight madness . . .

Midnight Madness - by helen dardik. Limited edition giclee print of an original illustration. Printed on Epson velvet fine art stock cotton