Carp Swimming - Japanese Style #Garden in Unzen #Nagasaki, South #Japan

Can't bring the ocean to your backyard? You could always set up a koi pond underneath your back porch.

This is what we call japanese style hotel " Ryokan ", this ryokan is " Sanga Ryokan "in japan. the pic is the entrance of the "Sanga Ryokan", once you get through this entrance, you will have never-experienced one, I guess. #japan #ryokan #japanese_style_hotel

Japanese Inn, Kurokawa Onsen Hot Springs, Kumamoto, Japan 黒川温泉 Maybe one day i can go there.

Yoshijima House - 吉島家住宅 1907 home of a sake merchant built by master carpenter Nishida Isaburo following earlier traditions

The wonderful wooden structure of Yoshijima house in Takayama. It seems that has been very influential in XX century architecture.