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an indoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery
タイ、クラビのラグジュアリービーチリゾート | プーレイ・ベイ・リッツ・カールトン・リザーブ
an empty room with lots of windows and wood flooring in front of the doors
栗林公園 掬月亭(香川)
an empty room with lots of mats on the floor and trees in the back ground
two pictures of the inside of a house and outside of a boat in the water
福美楽 fukumiraku — 3leapfrogs: 3leapfrogs •=• •=• •=
福美楽 fukumiraku — 3leapfrogs: 3leapfrogs •=• •=• •=•
two people sitting on a wooden deck next to a pond with koi fish in it
Articles about atypical modern home southern california on Dwell.com
開場では、志野とケンは外部空間を楽しむためにハーマンミラーのためのイームズLCWチェアを引っ張る。 ©2010 DANIELヘネシー撮影:ダニエルHennessyCourtesy:フォト
a gazebo sitting on top of a wooden platform next to a body of water
Japanese Stream, Pond & Tea House - Asian - Garden - Kent - by Rhino Rock llp | Houzz UK
Japanese Stream, Pond & Tea House
a boy sitting on the edge of a concrete wall in a park with other people
Diana_Memorial_Fountain-Gustafson-Porter-Landscape-Architecture-03 « Landscape Architecture Platform
an old mill in the woods with water flowing from it's front and side
Reed Springs Grist Mill
Reed Springs Grist Mill
an aerial view of a bridge over the water in front of a large house and trees
porkbun.com | domain for sale
99+ Magnificent Landscape Architecture Across The World (Part 2) - SnapShot Magazine
a woman laying on top of a swimming pool next to a lush green tree covered hillside
Luxury Goals on Twitter
Resort pool with built in tanning ledge.
there are three different views of the same lake
Love this!
an aerial view of the ocean and its surrounding shoreline, with two different views of it
The infinite bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard arkitekter
two people standing on a wooden platform over water in the middle of a lake with trees and blue sky
コペンハーゲンに次ぐデンマーク第二の都市オーフス。風光明媚な海岸線が続くこの街で、今年、彫刻作品を展示するアートイベント「Sculpture by the Sea」が開催されました。なかでも、建築デュオ「Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter」が手掛けた作品が、ヨーロッパ中で話題になっています。Photo by : Aarhus I Billeder写真でもわかる...
an empty swimming pool next to the ocean
An Exclusive Peek at the Gorgeous Renovation of Santorini’s Grace Hotel
Grace Santorini
a room with a pool in the middle
黒川温泉 旅館 山河
黒川温泉 旅館 山河 | 客室 | 離れ/夏椿(なつつばき)
an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the ocean and mountains
people swimming in an outdoor pool with cityscape in the background at night time
Rooftop Pool, Singapore
many people are swimming in the pool at night with city lights behind them and onlookers
an instagram photo of a person swimming in a pool with trees and umbrellas
え、ここ海じゃないの? 地球にはこんなに素晴らしい11のプールがありました(画像)
え、ここ海じゃないの? 地球にはこんなに素晴らしい11のプールがありました(画像)
a person jumping into a pool in the middle of trees
Future of Construction | Learn about the future of Construction, Home Remodel, Roofing and more. Get information from professional handyman contractors about trends in future construction.
a bird bath with leaves floating in it
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a wooden deck with an open air bath in the middle
ホテルジャーナリスト・せきねきょうこが案内する、九州の名宿 Vol.5 界 阿蘇[大分]|con-Quest 九州を旅する web magazine
an underwater view of some rocks and water
Find Travel(ファインド トラベル) | とっておきの観光・旅行情報が見つかるキュレーションメディア
an outdoor hot tub surrounded by trees and rocks
..focus..damn it!
i think that maybe the main reason this looks so lovely is the steam floating…
a bathroom with stone walls and a wooden bathtub in the middle, along with a skylight
♂ Masculine nature design bathroom with rustic rock looking wall
an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the ocean at dusk with lounge chairs and tables around it
Santorini, Greece Santorini Grace Hotel
an indoor swimming pool in the middle of a room
ホテルジャーナリスト・せきねきょうこが案内する、九州の名宿 Vol.13 山荘無量塔[大分]|con-Quest 九州を旅する web magazine
an underwater cave with sunbeams and light coming from the water's surface
Clip×Scrap= I
plasmatics: Water Cathedral by Gabriel de Leon | (Website)
two pictures of the same wave in different colors
Photographer captures the moody ocean at daybreak
Australian photographer Ray Collins captures the moody ocean at daybreak.
an outdoor swimming pool at night with trees and people in the water, surrounded by greenery
Baan San Ngam Condominium
Baan San Ngam Condominium
an empty swimming pool with mountains in the background and water flowing from it's sides
Villa Honegg – A Luxury Hotel
Villa Honegg – A Luxury Hotel
an outdoor area with wooden walls and flooring, surrounded by bamboo trees in the background
小夜|秘境 白川源泉 山荘 竹ふえ
Onsen in bamboo forest
an outdoor jacuzzi tub in the middle of a room
a+u Architecture and Urbanism Magazine - from Tokyo (Japan)
The Art of the Japanese Bath
the inside of a room with wood flooring and skylight over water's surface
Woodworth Design
Water skylight / Elsa Ramirez
an empty swimming pool with the sun reflecting on it's surface and trees in the background
Strak design zwembad, combinatie onderloop- en overloopsysteem
pool edge
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a wall next to a body of water
Picornell House
Infinity pool edge by John Pawson
the water is reflecting the sky and its reflection on the pavement in front of it
Sharp edge between water and terrace.
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by concrete walls and flooring with skylights on the ceiling
Thermes d'architectes
Thermes Vals, hotel spa by Peter Zumthor (photo © Serge Brison) _
an indoor swimming pool at night with benches and lights on the side, overlooking the ocean
an empty hallway with water running down the wall and lights shining on the floor in front of it
Coming Soon
Peter Zumthor...adore this- no separate pool as such just the whole room IS the pool, downstairs and in.
an indoor swimming pool with steps leading to it and a small tree in the middle
40 Spectacular Pools That Will Rock Your Senses - YourAmazingPlaces.com
an empty room with two chairs and a bench in the center, along with blue tiles on the floor
Stephan Luecke – Persönliche Webseite eines Architekten aus Frankfurt
a person sitting in the middle of a swimming pool with plants growing on either side
50 Ridiculously amazing modern indoor pools
A modern indoor pool, perfectly designed for swimming lengths and keeping fit...
an empty swimming pool in the middle of a lush green field with trees and bushes
Weekend Inspirations - Two Thirty-Five Designs
Outdoor Swim TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com
a small pool in the middle of a forest with rocks and moss growing on it
Lakeside Retreat
Backyard pond
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush green trees
an image of a pool with candles on it
Rajski resort na jednom od pješčanih otoka Maldiva
Amazing Resort in Maldives