I just love pigs. My grandmother once said that baby pigs are probably the most perfect animal baby. And as I had raised them (farm pigs), as well as having a pot bellied pig for many years, I have to agree. Very, very smart as well.


Unbound Ferocity!

what cute animal!

Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff

i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig, i want a baby pig.


「まっくろくろすけ出ておいで♪」 黒猫界の新星アイドル「ギモ」ちゃんが悶絶レベルの可愛さ

Another day, another adorable animal to gush over. This time it's Gimo the big-eyed fluff ball. We can't get enough of Gimo, to be honest. From his huge eyes

チェスターコート グレー デニム

“ハンサム派”はこの冬「チェスターコート」を狙え!-STYLE HAUS(スタイルハウス)

Quuark!...Uhm Look Mom, This Place Is Really Cute...Samissomar's Pinterests Are So Great !... http://samissomarspace.wordpress.com

~Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies ~ 4 baby tree frogs sit on their mother's head~~GREAT photo!

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The Hottest New Dog Trend Is "Shiblings," Shiba Siblings