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It's easy to get lost in the rich details of Japanese artist Etsuko Fukaya's etchings with the lively creatures filling every inch of the enri.

Etsuko Fukaya's finely detailed etchings

I marvel and rejoice at the rich intricacies of Etsuko Fukaya's finely detailed etchings. These small worlds are lovingly crafted .

redlipstickresurrected: Etsuko Fukaya 冨谷悦子 (Japanese b. 1981...

Etsuko Fukaya aka 冨谷悦子 (Japanese, b. Aichi, Japan) - Untitled 2010 Monochromatic Etchings Etsuko Fukaya aka 冨谷悦子 (Japanese, b.

Etsuko Fukaya

untitled Etching by Etsuko Fukaya (She was born in Japan) Size: x in x Sheet size: x in x Edition 2007 Etching