Hidden gun cabinet.

This picture shows a hidden gun cabinet.one with no lock.I recommend it for other usage. Gun "cabinets" should have locks that can't be opened by children. Great idea though.

Turner House - www.freadmanwhite.com

The Turner House shown above shares design similarities in the way that the living/dining/kitchen spaces freely flow into the outdoor space. There is no threshold distinguishing internal and external living space, it is one large zone.


More from UID achitects. Keisuki Maeda designs buildings with subtle borders between architecture and furniture, as well as interior and exterior. There is a very functional quality in his designs.

Two book lovers’ house located in Barcelona designed by one of my favorite the architect Susanna Cots. A skin made of wood that transversally crosses the housing is Susanna Cots‘ “leitmotiv” to develop this interior.

punchy grey and orange kitchen

Kitchen - Small but big on design - love the contrast between metallic grey and peppy orange

Magazine rack from a shutter :: Daune | Cottage in the Oakss clipboard on Hometalk :: Hometalk

re-purposed shutter.now a magazine rack! Ive been looking for a magazine rack idea! I love this one

Sagaponack / Bates Masi Architects

Gallery of Sagaponack / Bates Masi Architects - 3

Residential Architecture: Exploring the Relationship between Interior + Exterior - Sagaponack House by Bates Masi + Architects

Nettleton 199 / SAOTA | ArchDaily

Nettleton 199 / SAOTA

Nettleton 199 House with Atlantic Ocean View in Cape Town, South Africa - Home Design and Home Interior

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