Just use office store thumbtacks to spell out a Halloween message on your pumpkin.

85+ New Ways to Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins

Create a tack-o'-lantern with this office store staple.How to make it: Paint pumpkin desired color i.

Give a sweet Halloween treat in the form of a gift card with this DIY Halloween Gift Card Holders. www.livelaughrowe.com #halloween #giftcardholder

These DIY Halloween Gift Card Holders are awesome! There's no better way to give a Halloween gift card.

ghost family

Family of Ghosts - fun and easy family Halloween costume

13 haunted places to visit.

13 Haunted Places to Visit

Visit the lizzie borden house. Lizzie Borden House Located just 50 miles south of Boston, this house is where the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden took place in

Homemade Halloween Mr. Rogers Costume | Oh Happy Day!

From old icons like Mister Rogers and Lucille Ball to new ones like Walter White and Dwight, dress up (or force your kids to dress up) as your favorite iconic television personalities this Halloween!

We're over the moon for these dotted odes to country icons.

85+ New Ways to Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins

We're over the moon for these dotted odes to country icons.How to make it: Cut a hole in the bottom .

Carving pumpkins! #GoMighty4Kids

Carving pumpkins! #GoMighty4Kids

Odd noises? Creepy voices? Scary visions? This Halloween, learn why your house is acting possessed. (Hint: It's probably not ghosts.)

What’s Haunting Your House?

Does your house sound haunted? Here are some common noise transmission problems and solutions!

White Halloween | Oh Happy Day!

Halloween Whites - Oh Happy Day!

Halloween Surprise Balls! | Oh Happy Day!

Halloween Surprise Balls! | Oh Happy Day!

If your plans involve picking and carving, then send out a festive invite with all of the party details.

Festive Halloween Party Supplies

Purple Pumpkin Invitations - Real Simple, Available exclusively at

Clothes to Party In No. 8 | Oh Happy Day!

A cute, subtle Halloween costume.

Cyclops Micro Hat Clip Light: This angled LED clip is an effortless way to temporarily put a light bulb on your (thinking) cap. The top mount design allows you to simply attach the clip to your headgear.

6 Quirky Flashlights for Halloween

Cyclops Micro Hat Clip Light with 5 Green Led Bulbs: Top of the line GSM product Micro hat clip light - 5 LED bulb green Headlamp cyclops hat clip lights CYC-MHC-G Headlamp

It�s scary how quickly Halloween creeps up on us. Looking for a low-maintenance disguise? This set, which includes six paint sticks, nine different stencils, and two sponge applicators, is all you need for making creative, not-so-frightening faces.

7 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

The Spoon Sisters Face Art - Face Paint & Stencils Set - Back in Stock late August

24 easy homemade Halloween costumes #halloween #costumes #diy #cute #family #kids

24 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Use common household items to create easy DIY Halloween costumes for the kids. Here, find a range of sweet, funny, and spooky ideas.