typography out of the wall

Environmental graphic Yoho Midtown Clubhouse in Hong Kong designed by One Plus Partnership Ltd.

Wooden Men Women sign 0w< and 0M>

【送料無料】トイレサイン toilet(s)

Número 3 en sombra.

Love ideas like this, simple but so different, I'm guessing it's inspired by a sundial or just by light and shadow in general. Like the use of shadow as the design element!


523 19 Rifé, Francesc Stand Mobalco en la Feria Eurocucina Milan I like it that the lighting feature draws the eye to the signage.

Instalaciones y escaparates – III

Take a peek at our favorite yellow doors from around the web. As an interior or exterior accent, this bright hue is bound to shake up your home with color. For more paint and color ideas and home design trends go to Domino.

San Diego Central Library Donor Signage:

The San Diego Central Library features dozens of artworks, donor signage, and features designed by Luce et Studio with custom manufacturing by Zahner.

sign light

Horie Park Apartments / Terminal01

Arenal2 Pharmacy by Marketing-Jazz Madrid 13

Pharmacy by Marketing Jazz, Madrid office healthcare



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