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there is a blue box with beads inside and instructions on how to use it in this activity
Turn a $1 Pencil Box into a Therapy Power Tool - The OT Toolbox
These pediatric occupational therapy activities use a dollar pencil box as a DIY therapy tool that helps kids with fine motor and visual motor skills, and common materials to work on fine motor skills, visual motor skills, coordination, crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and dexterity with kids. #finemotor #finemotorskills #occupationaltherapy #schoolbasedOT #theottoolbox
several pictures with the words, 17 squeezezing activities to straighten hand muscles
17 of the Best Preschool Fine Motor Activities that Involve Squeezing
a hand holding a pair of scissors with the words 7 main exercises for hand and finger strength
HAND STRENGTHENING with Rubber Band l OT Teletherapy l Writing Muscle Warmup Exercises
Fine Motor Coordination Activities, Coordination Activities, Guillain Barre, Cognitive Activities, Motor Coordination, Occupational Therapy Assistant
11+ Fine Motor Coordination Activities for Adult Rehab Patients -
Occupational Therapy Quotes, Occupational Therapy Schools, School Based Therapy, Motor Planning, Executive Functioning Skills
31 Days of Occupational Therapy with Free Materials - The OT Toolbox