Japanese Fashion - Kimono

(振袖): furisode literally translates as swinging sleeves—the sleeves of furisode…

beautiful obi, beautiful colors

This looks like furisode, and I usually try not to tease myself with Kimonos that are inappropriate to me, but I loved the bright colors against the start black, and couldn't help myself.


Collection : Pompom Wallpaper Design : PomPomPomPom is a beautiful, softly textured, slylised chrysanthemum trail, available in a spectrum of sophisticated and unusual colour combinations, making it the focal point of any living area.

kitty & the bulldog / obi

We have a new king of the Weird Wafuku category. The weird-Picasso-face-obi is dead; long live the king.

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銀座のアンティーク着物店 Wingのブログです。 新着情報や季節のコーディネートなど、毎日更新しています!