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Bridal Make-up Tutorial: Black & Asian


悪目立ちしがちな赤リップをなじませる方法は? ワンアイテム追加でぽってり唇に

Makeup Tips: Get Plenty Of Exercise To Get A Healthy And Beautiful Glow – Makeup Ideas

Jihye Park @ Oui Repinned

Glossy eyes and cheekbones for look 2 - more of a minimal makeup with bleached brows, glossy eye and statement lip.

Xiao Wen Ju - Vogue U.S.

12 Blueprints PCA: Xiao Wen Ju - Vogue U. The purplish tones in the hair and brows along with yellow-brown in the eyes. One of the amazing possibilities in Bright Winter pigmentation.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo Image -Want youthful rejuvenated skin? Anti-aging stem cells may be your solution!

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I'm a disabled Army veteran and survivor making a difference one day at a time…

Fresh and dewey thanks to NARS liquid foundation

Beautiful makeup - glowing skin, subtle eyes and rosy, glossy lips on Doutzen Kroes.

Paint your lips in the richest of reds and slick back your hair for a high-octane evening look.

Beautiful skin, cheekbones, and lips. I think Asian girls have such beautiful features.

Makeup Look

Her face is so perfect

Glowing skin with minimal eye makeup

Her glowing skin is no coincidence. A good skincare routine combined with a healthy diet full of micronutrients and antioxidants create a flawlessly glowing face!