Or high above the Tokyo skyline in the middle of the night. Looking down at the glittering lights. Watching raindrops and clear umbrellas. It’s so beautiful, it’s hard to articulate.

Designers We Love - story-filled products from Mr. Sato's Nendo operation

Beautiful Blue Sofa designed by Nendo in Nendo is a Japanese collective led by architect Oki Sato. In Japanese "nendo" means clay, which symbolizes the studio's will to imagine light and flexible objects, furniture, and architecture.

I'm not sure whether to label this under inspiration, or humor.  Hm.

Illoiha is a designer gym in Japan that has this Omotesando climbing wall which, instead of recreating the side of a mountain like most rock-climbing walls, recreates that of a regular indoor wall.

A 23ft climbing wall is located in the central courtyard of this house in Tokyo, Japan which allows climbers to reach the first floor and the rooftop terrace

Tired of taking the stairs? Unique house with a 23ft rock-climbing wall and ladders

3 Way House by Naf Architect climbing wall, ladders and stairs. but does it have a japanese heated toilet bidet?