decorated swiss roll

Make your own kawaii roll cake in the microwave with this complete kit of tools for your kitchen. Roll cakes are extremely popular in Japan. Walk into any Japanese shopping center and you will find a backer selling roll cakes of various flavors and colors

Mitarashi Rilakkuma Dango #Japanese Recipe

The good old Japanese sweets "Mitarashi Dango" , Rilakkuma version! Enjoy the step-by-step instruction of how to create this cuteness.

Japanese mochi sweets with matcha powder

ミルクもち 抹茶まぶし

Japanese food

Sakura Bento *Sakura rice ball: rice, glutinous rice, pickled cherry blossoms, salt *Braised hijiki seaweed and daizu beans *Simmered pumpkin *Simmered ganmodoki *Japanese omelet with shungiku leaves *Boiled broad beans

Temarizushi, Bite-sized Sushi Bento|手まり寿司弁当

Eating bento and drinking wine under the sakura tree in Kyoto.