LEGO ad | Famous Artworks #Adweek

Lego Versions of Famous Artworks Are So Great, They're Now Official Ads

Lego Vincent Van Gogh self portrait. Lego Masters in Pixel Art

2016年春夏 東コレ参加49ブランド発表 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekの写真3

2016年春夏 東コレ参加49ブランド発表 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - 写真3

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week S/S 2016 key visual - graphic design - The creative & art direction and graphic design work for the key visual was undertaken by Masanori Sakamoto

宮﨑あおい TOKYO HREAT(東京メトロ) 【2】

scale and proportion to create mood - use of large type to be playful. The large O's frame the faces in the design, making you focus on them. The faces are smiling creating a mood of happiness and playfulness.


The title of this campaign is "The first supper" This is hilarious 「最初の晩餐」新聞篇

Love Lacoste Summer!

Lifestyle: This Lacoste add is very busy but it works. It gives out the image that the brand likes to express. It likes its customers to feel like they can partake in any activity. Showing these activities in the ad shows ideas that can take place.


Graphic design, style, interiors, fashion, inspiration and other pretty things.


Marni Goes Unconventional for its First Campaign

Marni has launched its very first advertising campaign for the fall-winter 2015 season. Photographed by Jackie Nickerson, the images are far from your typi

Marni Campaign Fall 2015

fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!: marte mei van haaster by jackie nickerson for marni fall / winter